While they are living in Europe international students, scholars and researchers often struggle with understanding the culture and customs, with making friends, dealing with everyday life, and with their studies and work.

They face the difficulty of functioning in a foreign language and both their academic life and everyday life can be significantly affected.

We get the opportunity to meet these students, scholars and researchers where they are and walk alongside them for a season that will probably shape their futures in significant ways.

What we stand for …

Broaden your views

Discover and internalize new perspectives on the world around you and on yourself.

Respect differences

Learn about cultural differences and how they make our world great thanks to their diversity.

Communicate across cultures

Experience intercultural communication and working together in a sensitive and attentive way.

Appreciate other cultures

Encourage others to be open to new ideas, different attitudes, and foreign traditions.

Develop skills

Develop your personal talents through critical thinking and problem-solving activities.

Be part of Connecting Cultures – Freundschaft verbindet

Be part of a global mindset, build bridges to other cultures and bring different communities together.